Hygea drinking bottle technology is based on UV-C purification technology.
UV-C purification technology is an innovative solution for cleaning the water. The technique has been known since the beginning of the 20th century, but implementation has been slowed down by inefficient UV-C lamps and expensive development costs. UV-C light is a type of radiation which can be detected in the electromagnetic spectrum and is measured in nanometers(nm). UV-C light is very effective in purification due to its wave density.

Our bottle has a 275nm UV-C light that can be used very well
as an effective disinfectant for killing bacteria and viruses. UV-C light prevents the reproduction and growth of microorganisms during puricifation.

Although UV-C light is an excellent way to eliminate bacteria and viruses from water, UV-C light is not able to destroy all water impurities. UV-C light cannot remove, for example, chlorine and heavy metals from water. UV-C disinfection technology cannot make all water drinkable.



UV-C disinfection technology is completely safe when used correctly. UV-C technology also offers other advantages compared to other cleaning methods. In UV-C disinfection technology, no chemicals are mixed with the water. UV-C technology uses less power compared to other cleaning methods, which also reduces the environmental footprint of UV-C disinfection technology.